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Chiara Center has become part of my spiritual journey. All the wonderful people, the natural beauty, and the peace make Chiara Center a great spirtual treasure. Youth minister from Branson Missouri
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The peace is palpable. I loved it, needed it, relished it.  It is so like the peace I experienced in Assissi. St. Louis area private retreatant
Guest Accommodations

Guests who choose to stay overnight at Chiara Center enjoy a warm and comfortable respite, free of distractions and noise, in a scenic setting. Chiara Center offers 30 guest rooms (both single- and double-occupancy), each furnished with a recliner, two full-size beds, a television and a private bath with a shower. A hair dryer, linens, towels, body wash-shampoo are provided. In addition, each floor has a lounge and an adjoining kitchen.

Nutritious and well-balanced meals are available as well as refreshments for breaks and special activities. Guests also have the option of providing their own food. Dietary preferences are honored. A library, exercise room, computer room and laundry room are available for guests.

The spacious grounds, the walking paths, the sacred shrines, and the beautiful St. Francis of Assisi church are all part of the experience of staying at Chiara. Joy, peace and hope are tangible.

Click here to view our pricing and please call call 217-523-0901 or email us for more information.


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