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Chiara Center has become part of my spiritual journey. All the wonderful people, the natural beauty, and the peace make Chiara Center a great spirtual treasure. Youth minister from Branson Missouri
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Being at Chiara was abundant grace for me, a fit for my soul, peace for my spirit. Retreatant from Wyoming

Retreats provide time and space for individuals or small groups to step away from their everyday cares and enter a quiet, contemplative space. We invite you to experience a Retreat through this brochure.

Chiara Center offers several types of retreats:

  • Private Retreat
    This individual retreat has no set program or duration. Each individual determines the length of stay and creates a rhythm of prayer, quiet and rest.
  • Directed Retreat
    A directed retreat is an opportunity to meet individually with a spiritual director who is trained in spiritual companioning. A private directed retreat may be scheduled at any time. View our scheduled directed retreats.
  • Conference Retreat
    Conference retreats are group retreats sponsored or hosted by Chiara Center. A conference retreat includes scheduled talks, prayer and rituals.
  • Self-Guided Retreat
    Choose your journey among many options we offer with audio books and DVDs. View the options here.

Click here to view our pricing and please call 217-523-0901 or e-mail us for more information on our Programs and Retreats.


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